Monday, September 19, 2011

Have we already made it this far?

I came across one of Sophie's old vocab books the other night and thought it would be interesting to go through it with her to see what words she could say. We haven't touched this book in several months, so I was pretty proud of her:

It was quite the rewarding moment to see Sophie express these words with ease, as it seems like it was very recently that we were working so hard to understand them. I remember the feelings of anxiety and apprehension waiting for her to speak her first words. And then her language just took off - almost overnight. Now she is learning to speak several new words a day and this slacker mom can hardly keep her list up anymore (we have definitely reached triple digits, though). 

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. 

This is something I must tell myself routinely and patience is definitely an essential part of this journey. So, for all the moms out there who are waiting for something, who are patiently anticipating first words or any other "A-HA" moment - it will happen. Keep up the hard work in the meantime. :)


  1. Love it!!! You are doing so great, Sophie!
    I love watching her videos, they take me back to the early years of Allison's implants. It helps me realize how far Allison has come.

  2. She is doing absolutely fabulous! Like Shelly said, this totally brings me back to when Aiden was toddling around. I miss him at this age! You are doing such a wonderful job with her!!! Way to go Sophie! and mom! : )

  3. we have that exact same book and I can't wait to be able to post the same kind of video, great job Sophie!