Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Splish, splash!

That's right - bring it on, summer! No anxiety this year. :)  Two years in, I think I'm really getting the hang of being a CI mom!  We had a very successful day of swimming over the weekend and Sophie had a blast. I think these pics say it all:

Sophie was able to swim, splash around with her cousins, and even go underwater while HEARING all of the sounds around her because we "waterproofed" her implant. We put one of her back-up CIs in a plastic bag and had her wear a swim cap on top to keep it secure and provide protection. Of course, my husband is in the process of brainstorming, fine-tuning, and perfecting this method (as he does with everything), but it worked wonders!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The itsy bitsy spider

and ode to Tusa (Sophie's favorite baby doll) :

My favorite part is at the end - "Oh, Tusa... I love your arms!" Such a crazy kiddo at times. I shot this video about a month ago and since then Sophie's imagination has really developed. I often listen to her singing nonsense songs about animals or someone she knows while laying in her bed at night, after her implants are off. Sometimes it breaks my heart knowing she cannot hear herself during this time; other times it makes me smile just being able to make out the silly verses of her songs.

Monday, May 21, 2012

New CI headbands

I had an idea over the weekend and put together some new CI headbands for Sophie. I like these much better because they are smaller and only take a few minutes to make. Plus, if you add in a huggie (mic lock tubing), they are VERY secure and will not fall off.

I have also been worried about her old headbands rubbing along her hairline (and let's be honest, she needs all the hair she can get!), so these new ones will also solve that problem. :)

If anyone out there is interested in how to make these or where to get the supplies, email me at sophiasgrace@hotmail.com and I will give you the info!