Friday, December 17, 2010

Surgery was a success!

After a long day and night, we are home from the hospital and recovering well! Sophie's surgery went off without a hitch and she is slowly returning to her normal self.

We arrived at the surgery center around 7AM yesterday morning. St. Louis was hit by some sleet and ice during the night, but we drove very carefully and arrived in one piece. Since her surgery wasn't scheduled to begin until 9, we had some time to hang out and spend time together. Sophie did very well considering she was a hungry girl and could not have any milk. :(

"Umm... why are you two just staring at me??"

"This crib is much shorter that mine at home! Fun!"
Silly Daddy!

"Okay, seriously now. What are we doing here and what am I wearing?"
Right before they took her away. The nurse gave her some meds so that she would not have anxiety once we separated. I think I needed some, too!

Sophie's surgery took around 7 hours total, so we did not get to see her again until a little after 4PM. To me, this seemed like eternity, but we both had our parents there to chat and try to keep our minds off of what was actually going on. We were given periodic updates and Dr. C came out to speak with us halfway through and reassured us that everything was going well.

Right after surgery in the recovery room. The tears just started flowing when I laid eyes on her.

Poor girl!

Better this morning. Sophie did NOT want to nurse, but she sure took her bottle!

Home, sweet home! She perked up and was excited to play with her toys. :)

Sophie and her Cochlear Koala!
He has CIs, too!

"That Daddy, always making me laugh!"

All in all, everything went great! Both of her devices were tested in the operating room and are functioning properly. I'm so happy to have this hurdle behind us. Yesterday was a very long, stressful day, but it could not have gone better. Now, the countdown will begin to activation day - 3 WEEKS!!!


  1. Sophie this is your Great Aunt Laura, so glad everything went well. Tell your parents I will be there soon to see them and to give you lots of hugs!!!

  2. wonderful wonderful news! so happy it all went well & that sophie is recovering nicely now! I cant imagine how anxious you where when she wa sin surgery! But im glad that its over & the next step for her is to hear at activation!! I saw the koala bear at first & thought why a koala! LMAO arnt i a tad
    She is precious & she is such a lucky lil girl to have such wonderful parents that have done this for her! I cant wait to hear more about the journey!!! Thinking of you guys! x