Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick update:

Today, the bandages are off and Sophie is feeling much better. Her head and face are still swollen, but her spirits are great!

The first night we were home was a little rough because she kept trying to pull her bandages off. Jared and I literally just sat on the edge of our bed and watched her on the video monitor until she pulled them off, then we would go and fix them. Eventually, she tired. ;) Luckily though, Sophie has been sleeping in. We didn't get up until around 10AM both days this weekend! I cannot remember the last time I slept so late. What a nice treat! I think the pain medicine has really been contributing to her sleep, because she has also been taking extremely long naps, too.

In fact, this is how Sophie spent most of the weekend:

Her incisions seem to be healing nicely and they also do not seem to bother her at all. I was afraid she would pick at them once the bandages were off, but that hasn't been a problem. The right side definitely looks worse than the left and the right side of her head is also more swollen. I'm not really sure why...



At least they didn't have to shave off too much hair, right?! :)

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