All About Us!

Hi! I'm Emily, Sophie's mom:

I work full time for a federal agency and spend my free time with my family. I like to write, shop, read, and enjoy a nice glass of wine. I wish I had more time for all of the above. ;)

This is my husband, Jared:

He's a banker. But more importantly, he's a wonderful husband and father. I really lucked out and can honestly say he's my best friend. He likes to annoy me by singing silly songs and acting like a goofball early in the morning. Oh, and golf, too. He really likes golf.

And this is Sophie:

Simply stated, she's awesome. The best parts of both of us and a source of constant amazement. Born profoundly deaf in March of 2010, she received cochlear implants at a very young age and her language development is right on track. You can read more about her surgery and activation here and here.

We live in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri and are surrounded by great resources for hearing loss. Sophie attends an oral deaf program at the Moog Center for Deaf Education and we owe much of her success to all of the wonderful professionals there.

This blog is all about our family and this continual journey that we are on!

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