Saturday, January 31, 2015

Four Years

A few weeks ago, we took some time to celebrate Sophie's hearing birthday. It's been four years since the cold January morning that we referred to as "activation day" forever changed our lives. Initially, our early CI days were full of hard work, intense therapy, and lots of audiology appointments. Although we are still on an ever-evolving journey with a deaf child, life is quite different now. Our days no longer center around CIs and therapy and instead our biggest worries are consistent with those of parents of typical children. Sophie's language skills are pretty amazing and people are often surprised when they learn of her hearing loss.

For this year's hearing celebration, we spent time with family and Sophie chose her favorite dinner of quesadillas and ice cream cake. We also took a trip to a local children's museum and had a day of fun. I took a short video of her, similar to the one I posted last year. I hope to "interview" her each year on her hearing birthday; at least until she will no longer let me. :) Here's to four years!


  1. Dear Sophie... I still remember my days a a graduate student at the Moog Center. You were a little girl at the beginning of your "listening and speaking journey". Thank you for sharing this video... it is so wonderful to hear you even thousands of miles away.
    Lots of kisses from Spain for you and your beautiful family. =)

    1. Thanks so much, Maria! She has definitely come a long way! Hope things are well with you. :)