Sunday, May 1, 2011

First words

That's right! Drum roll, please................................

We have a little talker on our hands!!! Over the past few weeks, Sophie has really exploded in expressive language. I'm happy to report that she is saying about four words spontaneously: baby, ball, eye, and mama.

I shot this video over the weekend and it has been the only word I've been able to catch on tape so far.

I know many more are in the works and I've honestly lost count of how many words and phrases she understands. I'm grinning ear to ear as I type this because I'm just so incredibly proud. Stay tuned!


  1. i have tears after watching this! Sophie is just amazing! She is doing so wonderfully! how proud u must be!!! thanku for sharing!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! U both must b so full of joy...and those eyes of hers are so...well, i'm just speechless. U guys have done an amazing job. I'm very proud of you!!

  3. I know I keep saying it, but.....this brings back so many wonderful memories of Allison's own journey!
    Sophie is doing so great! I love hearing those 1st little words, those comforting words that let you know that everything is going to be OK.