Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school :)

Here is a recap of Sophie's first day at Moog (in pictures):

Rise and shine - ready to go!

A little nervous?

Getting pumped!

Sophie and her therapist, Laurie. She's awesome! ;)

Thank goodness for babies!

She doesn't know we're about to leave...

Snapshot of the day

Language activity

Overall, a very great first day! There were minimal tears involved, although Sophie did try to bolt out of the school entrance and back into the parking lot when we first arrived. Once we got into her classroom and she saw Laurie, she was fine. She waved and said "Byeeee!" to both of us and that was it. Sophie went on to have a fantastic day at school and was only marginally excited to see me at pick-up time. ;)

Today gave me a glimpse of what this school year is going to be like and I can't wait!!! We are all incredibly excited and hopeful of what is to come.


  1. YAY Sophie!!! So glad she had a wonderful first day. Sometimes I think it's harder on the parents than the child! This brings me back to Aiden's first day at The River School in DC. He was so little (barely 18 months) and I had the hardest time leaving him. Do they provide the write up everyday?! That's amazing! Cheers to a wonderful school year for Sophie!!!

  2. I love the getting pumped picture! You can tell she is so excited! I have heard wonderful things about The Moog Center.

  3. It looks like she had a great first day. Her "snapshot of the day" looks a lot like the one Lily gets at Ohio Valley Voices here in Ohio. Moog Curriculum schools are great. I hope Sophie has a wonderful first year of school!

  4. Emily,

    Glad you came across my blog. Excited to meet others for sure that have similar stories. Here is my e-mail: I would love to keep in contact with you. We also use the same headbands that Lily's mom uses. We contacted the same gal she used to get them. We love them too!

    We are in Charlotte, NC but are moving to Cincinnati, Ohio in June for year. I see you are in St. Louis? Anyway, when I get time, I will go and look at your blog more and read up. We have a Sophie as well, she is 3 1/2.. normal hearing. Looking forward to talking with you more! I have some questions about the Moog schools...


  5. That write up is fabulous! I would kill for something like that. I went from a toddler who told me nothing to a four year old who makes stuff up!