Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vocab, vocab, vocab!

I videotaped Sophie a few nights ago going over some vocab before bedtime. I had to do some editing because she was quite the crabby girl! It's so hard to work with her during the week because she is normally spent by the time we get home and settled. I think it's neat that she can identify universal objects in books, though. For example, she always knows the dog or kitty even though most of them look different. Same goes for other objects like shoes, a car, a fish, etc. 

Did you notice in the first video that Sophie grabbed my toes when I asked her to point to the "sippy"? I think this is because they refer to her toes as "piggies" at the babysitter's house and it sounded similar to her. :)

Anyway, as you can see, Sophie's receptive language is growing! We hadn't looked at any of those books for over a week, so she is also retaining most things that she learns. She knows at least 60+ words now and picks up more daily. Not bad for 3 months hearing!

Since she knows so many words, we are now focusing on two word combinations. In the video below, I asked Sophie to choose between two objects and then take an action. She had to first identify the correct object and then complete the proper action.

Sophie chose the dog and gave him a kiss and then chose the duck and made him "walk". She also made her baby "jump", but I didn't get that on tape. I started out with objects that she easily knows, but we will try harder combos soon. This is a pretty difficult task for any 12 month old, so I'm pretty darn proud of her. :)  We have her IFSP review coming up in May and we are hoping that First Steps will give approval for Sophie to attend Moog in the fall. I can't believe we are already at this point - I could not be more excited!

I feel like this blog has been all videos lately, but it's the best way to capture all of her language milestones! I'm still working on getting "ma-ma" on tape, so cross your fingers for that. ;)


  1. This is AMAZING! She is doing so well!!! How proud are you mama! :)
    What a gem though! she is so gorgeous! So glad everything is going so well with her & her vocalising & comprhension!
    Seeing how well sophia is doing makes me want to persue the CI for savannahs right ear! She is doing well but i must admit sophia is ahead of her on alot of this now! I do however thankyou for all these videos because you have given me many ideas to help with Savannah!
    keep up the good work mama, she is just flourishing! :)

  2. I LOVE the videos!!! They bring back so many memories when Allison was just starting out. It makes me wish we had more on tape of Allison.
    She is doing so great and kuddos to you Mommy, you are her best teacher!