Thursday, April 21, 2011

A small moment

I was videotaping Sophie earlier (as usual, right?!) and trying to get her to mimic the sounds I was making. She was failing miserably because it was time for dinner and bed, but I got a cute moment on tape at the end. Sorry - you have to watch it all because I didn't have time to edit:

There is nothing really spectacular about this video, but something about the way she pointed to her ears at the end just makes my heart melt. She looks away from the camera, takes a deep breath, then looks back at me and points to her ears. It's like she was saying, "Geez, Mom. I get it, okay. I HEAR you. I UNDERSTAND you. I guess I'll point to my ears so you will stop harassing me." If she knew how to to roll her eyes, I'm sure she would have!

Yeah, she is going to be okay. :)

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