Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We are less than a month in, but if I had to sum up the age of two thus far, I would use one word - DE-MAN-DING! Sophie is a joy and this age is so much fun, but also pretty exhausting! Everything is "I want  _______!!! " and then constantly repeated until she either gets it or something else she wants catches her attention - and then the cycle repeats itself. Where-oh-where does this energy come from?!

We have quite the negotiator on our hands, too. She is always trying to get more and more... and more and more... When I am telling her she can have a jelly bean if she goes pee-pee on the potty, she yells, "TWO jelly beans!" Seriously? Can she sense that peeing on the potty is so important to me that I may actually fold and give her two? Oh yes,  I think she can. And sometimes I do - just don't tell my husband.

And then earlier tonight I was sitting in the kitchen and I soon had a little hand grabbing me, "I want to go in the living room, Mommy! I want to read a book!" "We just read a book," I say. "Hmm... I want to read two books, Mommy."

Well played, girlfriend. How do I possibly say no to that?

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  1. I totally agree with the demanding part of a 2 yr old! LOL so much fun though ;)
    Sophie sounds like she is doing amazing, and i cannot believe she is putting sentences together! AMAZING!! You have one super intelligent little girl on your hands! I love reading her updates! :)