Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Worth it

Is it... hard? Yes.
Frustrating? Almost daily.
Scary? You betcha.
Uncertain? Absolutely.

Rewarding? In an incredible way that cannot be described with words.

Last night, Sophie and I were making a sandwich when she spontaneously said, "Eh musserd is ellow, Mommy!" Even though I knew I was alone, I looked around the room to see if anyone else witnessed her speak that gloriously full sentence with close to perfect pronunciation. Sure enough, it was only me. I just smiled and said, "Yes! Yes! The mustard is yellow!" Then my heart just about exploded.

And now, as I sit here trying to quickly type out my thoughts, my demanding toddler is screaming, "Read eh Elmo book, Mommy!" My cup runneth over.

The challenges that come with raising a deaf child magnify the sweetness of these proud moments.

So, given the opportunity, would I change a single thing?

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  1. Absolutely adorable, I cannot wait to see the day! Go Sophie!