Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Experiencing new territory

I'd have to say one of the most exciting parts of this journey is that everything is constantly changing. Like any other parent, of course I love to witness Sophie learn new things and watch the wheels turning in her head. However, I feel like the milestones that we encounter are much more celebrated because it is so much harder for Sophie. She is a such a special girl and I will never take anything she accomplishes for granted.

We began this journey by reveling in the fact that she continued to coo and babble during her hearing aid days, even though she was hearing little to no sound at all.  After her CI activation, our days were filled with "A-HA" moments as she began to learn what words meant at lightning speed. Then we began to anticipate her first words and were overjoyed when she finally spoke them and never looked back. We are entering a new stage now as she continues to string together words at an amazing pace. Counting her new words is almost a thing of the past, as I'm struggling to keep up with her sentences!

When we were away last week, Sophie stayed with my mom and I was blown away by all of the new phrases and sentences she came home with. She just tears through the house, spontaneously putting together new sentences. Jared and I are constantly glancing at each other and wondering, "Did she just say that? Really?!" Some of my new favorites are "Be right back!" and "I'm stuck!". Most days it is hard to believe that this little tot is only 18 months old, not to mention has a profound hearing loss. ;) In the video below, Sophie tells me that she is opening/shutting the door (a new obsession) and that it is dark outside.

Such a funny little girl, isn't she?

P.S. GO CARDS!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh she is just so cute! She really is taking off! Way to go Sophie and mom and dad! Two of Aiden's favorites at first were the same, "be ri ba" (be right back) and "it's stuck!" They're the ones too that will stick in my mind and make me smile forever.

  2. Oh my gosh. She is really cute!! :D You should get tons and tons of joy from her!