Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well, the BIG day is almost here!

Activation is in less than 48 hours! Wow - we have been waiting almost 9 months for this day to come.  I am both excited and nervous. Honestly, I have been experiencing increasing anxiety over her activation in the last few days and I'm not really sure why. I know what to expect. I'm not counting on an "A-HA!" moment and I know that it could take several weeks or months to notice Sophie reacting to sounds.  I guess I am just nervous because everything we have planned so far leads up to this step and now we are facing it. I also recall how overwhelmed I felt when Sophie first got her hearing aids. I just wanted to cry and the thought of dealing with her aids on a daily basis was unfathomable to me. Eventually, however, it became second nature.

I know her CIs will be different. It will be hard work and require much dedication, but I know we are going to eventually see a benefit. I can't wait for the moment when I see a difference in Sophie. This will be my "A-HA!" moment. The moment that I will feel free from the worry that I have been carrying around. We are going to get there!

Anyway, it's finally here! Friday is the big day! I will try to post an update this weekend. :)


  1. Hi. My name is Kelly and I'm the Mom of a perfect little boy (Connor) who was born with profound hearing loss. He wears a hearing aid in his right ear and received his CI in May last year (at 11 months). Connor was turned on June 15, 2010. Don't be disappointed if there isn't anything significant as a result of the turn on but the weeks following will be awesome! I remember crying when Connor started speaking and his second word was "up" - which was extra exciting because "p" is a silent letter! At 19 months, he is now doing just awesome. He is learning his numbers and shapes and has about 40 words. Trust us - everything you've been through is totally worth it and kudos for you being such a great parent to take your child on this journey!! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kelly! It sounds like Connor is doing wonderfully! It's so nice to hear success stories of other kids - it gives me so much hope. Do you have a blog about Connor?

  3. Emily,

    My husband and I love reading your blog and are so excited about little Sophie and how well she is doing. Sounds like she is going to come along quite well. I doubt you live nearby (I saw the snow pictures and we don't get that here in Portland so often) which is too bad. You and I are a lot alike and it would be fun to have the kids meet and to have a girlfriend to share the journey with me.

    We are doing Connor's 6 month evaluation with his speech therapist tomorrow. Will be fun to count how many words he has now.

    No, I didn't blog Connor's journey. Connor is a twin (he has a twin sister, Madison, who is normal hearing). So, between my full time job and taking care of both Madison and Connor, I just couldn't manage the time.

    Good luck as little Sophie progresses. The best is definitely yet to come!

  4. Kelly,

    Thanks for your comment! I hope Connor's evaluation went well! How many words does he have? That is so exciting - I can't wait to get to that point! :)

    We live in St. Louis, so we are pretty far from one another! I agree, though, it would be fun to meet and be able to share this journey in person. ;)

    It sure sounds like you have your hands full! Working full-time is hard enough with a hearing-impaired child, so I cannot imagine doing it with twins. Lots of planning, I'm sure. I bet Connor and Madison keep you quite busy and you live for the weekends!

    Take care and keep me updated on Connor's progress!