Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Our newest addition, a little BOY!!!

David Ryan
8 pounds, 14 ounces
Needless to say, he has captured our hearts and we are in love! Everyone is adjusting quite well as a new family of four and Sophie is a great big sister. She wants to hold and kiss him constantly and help with everything having to do with her new little brother.
Unlike his big sister, David can hear. While most people are delighted when we share this news, it is extremely bittersweet to me. For many reasons, this feeling is hard to explain and I think only a fellow hearing loss mom may fully understand. To me, Sophie is absolutely perfect and such a special little girl. Some may consider her deafness a flaw or a burden, but I think it makes her even more amazing. Although we feel a bit of relief that David's early years will not be spent juggling therapy appointments, it feels wrong to rejoice that he lacks the trait making Sophie so special to us. Also, a part of me would like her to have someone to share her struggles with as she gets older - someone who understands what it is like to be deaf. I know that one day soon she will ask me about David's ears and wonder if he will also be getting implants. These questions are easy to answer now because she is only three, but I know they will become harder in the future.
One thing I am certain of as a type this update - I will love and treasure both of these kiddos with all of my heart for the rest of my life. They are both special and I know they will encounter individual and unique struggles, hearing or not.


  1. He is quite the handsome little guy.
    Congrats to thw two of you. 2 amazing blessings.


  2. Congrats! He is adorable! Lucky to have two perfect children!

  3. Hi, my name is Heidi Stevener and I found your blog when We just found out our son had hearing loss and was looking for people in similar situations. We found out when my son was 1 mth old that he had permament bilateral sensorinerual hearing loss and was absolutly in a state of shock since our older daughter was born with typical hearing, i had no probalems during pregnancy, and it doesn't run in our family. We entered a world of the unknown and stepped into full throttle with the ultimate goal that he be auditory verbal and speak as we do! Cooper was diagnosed with moderate loss in left and severe in right. He got his first set of heading aids at 2 mths old and is now 19 mths old and it is just amazing to see h begin talking and understanding so much! I remember seeing a video of your daughter talking about celebrating her hearing birthday and was blown away by how amazing her speech was! She sounded better than my 4 year old daughter who is typical hearing! I just wanted to say congratulations on your new addition! He is absolutely precious! I love your perspective on the your son and him having no hearing loss. Like you we have one with hearing loss and one without! it has been great seeing our older daughter interested in all the things we do with Cooper and even says things like "mom, i cant hear that i need some hearing aids" or "mom, i want to be an audiologist to help people like my baby brother hear better!" Both your kids are perfect and they will both succeed in life, regardless of hearing normally or hearing with technology! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I too have a blog that focuses both on Cooper and the journey we are going through and my daughter! Feel free to take a

    Heidi Stevener

  4. Congrats! He is absolutely precious. I totally understand how you feel. I remember being pregnant with Alexander and not knowing what to hope for...another deaf baby or a hearing baby. I too wanted Lily to have someone with whom to share the struggles (and joys) of hearing loss. However, I could do without all the therapy, audiology, and doctor appointments. I think life just works out the way it's supposed to. Enjoy your sweet family!

  5. Congratulations!! I'm glad to read the super good news.
    Now your family is a little bit more perfect! =)
    Regards from Spain!