Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We're still here!

So much for blogging weekly, huh? It's been so long that I forgot my Blogger password. ;) Anyway, we are still here! We have had some pretty exciting and crazy things going on lately, but I will save that for a later post.

It's now my absolute favorite time of the year and we are busy getting ready for the holiday season. Sophie is at a really fun age and is super excited about all things related to Christmas. She tears through the house singing Christmas songs and demands to drive by the "silly house with LOTS of lights" on our way home each night. You should see this house though, it really puts the Griswolds to shame!

In other news, Sophie's time at the Moog Center will most likely be coming to end much sooner than we originally thought. She will continue to attend next semester, but may likely be mainstreamed after that. While we are extremely proud of her success, I feel a little indifferent about this change. We have been with Moog since Sophie was four weeks old and they have been an incredible support system in many ways. I know that we have the tools to ensure that she will continue to succeed, but it is still a bit scary.

In light of this, we have begun to research different pre-school options for Sophie. Obviously, we are concerned about finding the right environment that will help accommodate her hearing loss, but we are also concerned with keeping her challenged and engaged. Many of the professionals that have worked with Sophie have told us she is highly intelligent, maybe even gifted. At this point, we are trying to research all of our mainstream options (public, private, Montessori, etc...) and hope to find the perfect fit. If there are any parents out there with gifted kids, please give me your advice!!! :)

I hope everyone is having fun this time of year. Here are a few holiday pics so far:

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