Thursday, February 23, 2012

"I need to hold the blanket!"

This was Sophie's reponse tonight when I asked if she was "all better" after I kissed her knee that she hurt by falling down. My comfort isn't good enough, though - she needs her blanket:

Understandable, I guess - but I was more concerned with counting the words in that sentence while smiling and shaking my head. This is something that I tend to do a lot of lately, as Sophie's language is blossoming and she is mostly speaking in four word sentences (or more!). And I know I have mentioned it before, but I will say it again - I wish I could have had a glimpse of our life today to ease my mind when Sophie was a baby. No words can possibly describe the pride and appreciation I have for her and her "ears".


  1. The glimpse into your life does help ease my mind. :) Thanks as always for sharing Sophie's journey!

  2. So cute & such a smart little must be proud as punch at where her language is!! well done sophie! :) x