Monday, January 9, 2012

A time to CELEBRATE!

Tomorrow is Sophie's first hearing birthday - the anniversary of the day her CIs were activated and she heard sound for the first time. I can't believe an entire year has already passed and it is time to celebrate the day that has had such a great impact on Sophie's life. Preparing for this day a year ago, I felt excited... nervous... emotional... and even uncertain. However, I was also hopeful that we were at the starting line of something extraordinary. And now I can say with great certainty that we were! This has been an EXTRAORDINARY year (of hearing!) and I cannot wait to celebrate all day with Sophie tomorrow. I took the day off to play and then we are having a small celebration with our families! :)


  1. Yay Sophie! That first is so challenging and rewarding at the same time. Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

  2. That is SO exciting, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Happy hearing birthday Sophie!

  3. Happy Hearing Birthday Sophie! You are amazing!