Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Excited! And a little overwhelmed...

We recently found out that FirstSteps cleared Sophie to attend school at Moog in the fall and I couldn't be more excited! She will be attending the toddler class for three mornings a week (M,W,F 8:30-12). The school year starts after Labor Day, so her first day will be 9/7. Just a little over a month away! Holy cow, time flies. I remember touring the school just days after we discovered Sophie's hearing loss. I stood frozen, watching the babies in the toddler room in utter amazement. That day gave me so much hope for Sophie and it is hard to fathom that we are already at this step.

Sophie starting school means a couple of things. For one (and I hate to admit it), I feel a little relief on the horizon. Right now, Sophie gets speech therapy about four times a month (three home visits and once at school when we go for audiology). The rest is up to us. I LIVE it everyday and it can be exhausting. It has become second nature, but I always feel like I should be doing more. Just this past weekend, we were driving home from grocery shopping and all of a sudden my husband blurts out,  "Babe, pay attention to the road. You DO NOT need to do therapy while you are driving!"  Hmm... Okay, point taken - although he always jumps at any opportunity to critique my driving skills. ;) Anyway, once she starts school, Sophie will be getting therapy three times a week, plus we will also still have two home visits a month. I'm hoping I will be able to relax a little. :)

Additionally (and this is where the overwhelming part comes in), Sophie starting school is going to be HARD to juggle. Jared and I both work full-time and have tough schedules. So how are we going to pull off having her in a half-day program?? It will require a lot of planning, flexibility, and help from others, but it is possible. My mom has offered to take care of Wednesdays and we have had several other family members and friends volunteer as well. I will say that Sophie is quite the lucky girl to have so many people in her life that love and support her. It may be tough, but we will make it work.  Anything for this sweet face:

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  1. Emily she is just the sweetest little girl! How amazing that she can attend such a great program! Slightly jealous on this side of he world :)
    We have something similar but they cannot attend untill they are 2 years old. So Savannah will start in Feb next year. I am like you, feel like i am never doing enough with Savannah & therapy is a 24/hr thing with us, but of late i havent had the time with 4 kids, its can be hard, you are just so lucky to have such wonderful support close by to jump in & help. I cant wait to hear how she goes! :) x