Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"More, please!"

That is what I got during dinner tonight. Okay, maybe there was no "please." And really only part of the "more." But I got a very consistent "mmmm" and I will take it. You see, one of the things we are working on with Sophie is getting her to verbally express herself at mealtime (instead of just pointing or leaning in for more food). It is sometimes hard to wait for her to "ask" for more (especially at the end of the day when she is tired and crabby), but she has been doing pretty well. Take a look:

I'm also excited to hear her make more consonant sounds on a consistent basis. She is definitely a lot more verbal lately, but mostly makes vowel sounds. And shrieks! Have I mentioned I have quite the yeller on my hands? No complaints, though. I love hearing any and all sounds that come out of that cute little mouth - it just means we are that much closer to actual words. Know what the best part about "mmmm" is? Mmmmommy! That's right - I can't wait to hear Sophie say that! ;)

In other news, Sophie is turning one in less than a month!!! I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast! Sometimes I look at her and can't believe she is already so big. It's hard to fathom that she will be a toddler soon - very bittersweet. And her personality! She is definitely her own little person. Sweet, smart, generous, and quite the daredevil! Sophie loves to be thrown high up in the air, swung upside down, and tickled all over - she just laughs and laughs. I also know she is going to be walking on her own any day now. She loves to walk using our hands and is a very fast cruiser. I'm just waiting for it - very patiently, though. I'm not quite ready for her to be walking yet! ;)


  1. Your daughter is beautiful...we have 11 days till surgery for my 13 year old...SO excited! so scary but yet SO exciting!! thanks for sharing

  2. I just LOVE hearing about sophies progress! She is doing absolutely wonderfully! Way to go Sophie & Mama!!! We are also working on getting savannah to vocalise when she wants something too. She is sooo adorable! Can you believe our girls are 1 in less than a mth! sooo crazy! and what a yr its been! Look forward to hearing more about sophies progress! x