Friday, October 8, 2010

Possible December Surgery!!!

I've been meaning to post an update and let everyone know how Sophie's last ENT visit went, but I've been a little under the weather lately. I apologize!

We met with Sophie's ENT on Monday and discussed her CI surgery timeline. We have made all of our decisions and are ready to go! He is submitting the paperwork to our insurance company and we have to wait for approval before we can schedule her surgery. If everything goes smoothly, we may be looking at a December date! The ENT believes that Sophie is big enough to tolerate the surgery and is confident that the procedure will go smoothly. Like I stated before, he is a very conservative surgeon, so I fully trust his judgement.

At this point, it is a waiting game. I left the ENT feeling excited, but a little uneasy. It is hard for me to just sit back and wait. I feel like I should be doing something to push things along. There are a lot of plans that need to be made with her surgery (holiday season, taking off work, etc) and I want to have everything in place. Jared says that I need to relax, but I just have so many worries going through my head! Easier said than done... I really hope the insurance approval goes through quickly and we don't encounter any problems. If anyone has experience in this area or any pointers, I would love for you to share!

Sophie is doing well! She cut her first tooth and has been pulling out her hearing aids less often. I wonder if teething has something to do with it?? She is also getting ready to crawl! Time is going by so quickly!


  1. Sounds like your little girl is progressing wonderfully!!! Its nice to have meet someone thats daughter is the same age as mine :)
    Sophia is such a beautiful lil thing, and i have read through your blog & really know how your feeling with everything. Nucleus 5 is the new CI we have in Australia & thats what savannah will be implanted with if she does indeed need the CI in the right ear (her profound ear). I hope the next few months go smoothly for you all & that your insurance approves sophia CI surgery. I will definately check in to see updated on your lil girl. Goodluck with it all & I look forward to continuing your journey with you


  2. Emily, I thought my boys were getting an ear infection every time a new tooth was about to pop through.They were always yanking on their ears!
    I am a little late commenting on this, but listen to Jared, relax! I am sure you are one of the most organized mothers on the planet! If not everything will fall into place. Sophie is lucky to have such great parents!